Welcome to Talk English!

Avail of a 15-to-20-minute trial class for FREE!

1.  A FREE Trial Class can only be given ONCE.

2.  It will be conducted for only 15-20 minutes as mentioned above.  The session will be ended as per tutor's prerogative.

3.  If you may have decided to enroll, kindly send a confirmation via email for further information and instructions.

4.  The student's desired schedule for his/her online class MUST be suitable to the tutor's schedule.  Flexibility on the tutor's end will never be a problem.

5.  You can inquire via Skype (talk-english) or send an email to talkenglish@ymail.com. Better yet, CONTACT ME!

6.  Your request will be scheduled as soon as possible.  Necessary instructions will be made and will be sent to the student via email.